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All courses are developed by owr founder ‐ Mari, and in every course you can have classes with her! Choose a course that suits you most, and start boosting you level right away! Марией, и в каждом курсе у тебя будут занятия с ней. Выбери тот курс, который тебе больше всего подходит, и начни прокачивать свой уровень уже завтра!
Реєстрація на безкоштовний/благодійний курс
Онлайн-марафон с Mari Bu
12 тижнів вебінарів + домашні завдання + групові уроки
Online speaking club — $13/hour
Разговорный онлайн-клуб
Group speaking classes with Mari Bu
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"Maximum" course — $45/hour
Курс английского языка Standard Individual
Personal classes with Mari Bu (with individual approach)
Corporate English
Курс английского языка Standard Individual
Онлайн-занития в мини-группах для сотрудников компаний

Sign up for a series of grammar webinars from Mari Bu

If you want to master your grammar and enhance your level of English, than this webinar series is exactly what you need!

I personally developed this course based on all my experience and creativity so that everyone gets the most of it: knowledge and positive emotions. And the price is affordable so anyone is able to join!

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Speaking Club


Speaking Club with Mari Bu

Why do we study English? To speak! Grammar is very important (whatever they say). But if in addition to it you also practice speaking English - it's the best combo! Purchase the package with Speaking Clubs and speak on various topics. at the same time practicing grammar and learning new words and phrases in small groups. And by the way, there are no taboo topics!

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