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Corporate English

I have a special offer for companies — online classes for employees in mini-groups, based on the directions and wishes of the management.

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Mini-groups are formed according to interests and English proficiency, so our classes will be super interesting and effective.

All classes are based on the direction indicated by the customer, so that the effectiveness of the classes has a maximum impact on the efficiency of employees.

Classes are conducted by me (Mari Bu). I develop materials for classes specifically for each group based on the leading textbooks of the best universities in the world (Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard). And of course, current topics and news are discussed as well.


My Clients

I have experience in training employees from companies such as:

From these countries:

  • Украина

  • США

  • Канада

  • Литва

  • Швейцария

  • Нидерланды

  • Польша

  • Италия

  • Франция

  • Турция

  • Кувейт


About me

Mari Bu

My name is Mariia, and I am exactly the English teacher your company is looking for. And here's why.


For 13 years I have been teaching not only private students and groups, but also companies operating in the field of IT, agriculture and construction.


In addition to my master's degree in Foreign Languages ​​(English and German), I also have a master's degree in Education. This means that not only do I speak English fluently, but I also know how to teach the language to others. I am also a certified coach.


My experience of studying and living in the United States and several other countries gives me a full understanding of how different people are. Therefore, you can be sure that I will find a special approach for you.



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