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Why is it so special?

Practice English

Learn grammar and improve speaking skills

Learn Yourself

Interesting coaching and psychological exercises

Achieve Goals

Set goals and learn effective techniques to achieve them

Save Time and Money

Win-win: Affordable price and double benefits

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Hi, my name is Mari Bu! I am an English teacher with 13 years of expertise, and an internationally certified coach. My mission is to combine teaching English to students around the world with helping them head towards a happy meaningful life.

My updated program is aimed at learning English through the prism of self-study, psychology, mindfulness and coaching exercises. So, it’s a win-win: you study English and achieve other goals in your life, which saves you time and money, and makes the learning process more motivating and effective.

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8 interactive group lectures

8 interactive group lectures
8 Mini-group Workshop
8 interactive group lectures
8 Mini-group Workshops
4 individual sessions

The program suits everyone with Pre-intermediate and higher levels of English. It is an absolutely necessary course for everyone who wants to have a more mindful life, achieve goals and dreams, learn their true self and become happy.

Intro lecture
On January 25th 2023

The course starts
On February 1st 2023

    Motivation, Goals and Habits
  • Present Simple
    Body, Soul, Mind and Spirit
  • Present Continuous
    My Perfect Life
  • Past Simple
    Role Model Examples
  • Present Perfect
    Analyzing Your Previous Achievements
  • Conditional Sentences
    Dealing with Fear
  • Articles
    Meditation Practice
  • Gerunds and Infinitives
    Your True Goal

The Course Includes

  • 8 weeks

  • Every Wednesday

    Interactive group lecture.

  • Every Saturday

    Mini-group workshop.

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The course is over. Please choose other classes.